Freitag, 23. November 2012

Does The Google Sniper Method Still Work Today?

There are loads of people online wondering if this system of building sniper sites will still work. I am going to put this question to rest in this review.


This specific part of the course never changed. Basically a 'Sniper' method is used for building niche sites that are specifically targeted at certain "Buyer" keywords. This is not just the foundation of sniper sites, but many SEO and business sites online as well. This system will never disappear or change as long as the search engines exist and work the way they do.

Let me break the method down a bit. First you find yourself a target audience. Once found you begin to send traffic to your website and 'pre-sell' them through your sales page. Your affiliate links send them to your vendors' website where you get paid your commision. If this sounds very simple it's because it really is.

You get to walk through every little detail. It is so thorough that a total novice would profit from money-making niches. All you do from there is grab a domain name and build a website created on the appropriate keywords. You simply grab a Wordpress theme and some plugins and get yourself high up on the Google search result pages.

Here are the NEW & IMPROVED changes - as mentioned above there will be some changes to the older methods for Google Sniper 2 to function properly. Because Google added udates like Panda and Penguin you cannot rank a sniper site now without backlinking. Not having to backlink was a real attractive part of the old method.

To overcome this George threw in ten extra hours of video content that gives you the basics on how to use more advanced SEO techniques for link building. It covers everything from social site backlinking (which has really come to the forefront) to building backlinks, working with do-follow/no-follow links, doing guest posting, and much more.

Your Membership Will Include:

Google Sniper Manual - This is a 104-page manual in PDF format that contains the whole process in a written form.

Process Maps/Mind Maps - These give you the processes in an easy-to-follow bite-sized format.

Sniper Training - Seven Modules along with videos that cover a wide range of subjects needed from building your site to doing keyword research.

Advanced Training Section - 8 Additional Training Videos. In my opinion the most advanced section.

Empire Module - Great insight into outsourcing and letting someone else handle the entire process for you!

Rolodex - Complete list of resources and important websites. All of the above can be purchased by you for a one-time very low payment of only $47! I believe it is worth far more than that myself. The content alone is worth that amount. This can be the difference in struggling online, creating a full time income, and quitting your current job!


After you get the hang of this very simple system, it is quite possible for you to get burned out a bit on all the add-on stuff they say you need for improving how well you do. I don't personally think all of it is absolutely necessary.

So Does Google Sniper 2 Actually Work?

What you are basically doing is getting in front of a market who would like a review of the product before committing to a purchase. I have done this a few times and it actually does work. The information in this product will help you get to the top on the Google search engines for whatever keyword phrase you are shooting for. People truly will make purchases from your affiliate links. That mean you really do make money.


This is not your typical 'Get Rich Quick' scheme. It has been put together very intelligently so it is real easy to understand and implement. The way they made it easy to outsource is simply brilliant. The sky is the limit on your earnings. With their 60-day guarantee you can hardly come out as a loser. If it doesn't deliver what they say, return it for a full refund. It will deliver.


The Google Sniper technique makes an excellent starter package for newbies, but it also works well for a little more advanced marketer. I totally recommend it to anyone with a drive and desire to make money online. The best reason I can think of to purchase this program is because it works!